Below are my personal favorite Chrome Extensions. Not the most popular, but some of the most useful extensions.

  • ColorZilla
  • WhatFont
  • Similar Sites
  • Honey
  • Get RSS Feed URL
  • DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials


A case study done for Camp House Concerts by Cody Box.


Wanted to reach as many website visitors as possible while not knowing where our target market spent their time online.

Initial Research

Most marketing experts and social media blogs will tell you that it is better to master few rather than be mediocre at all of them. However, we were able to utilize certain tools to help us manage all of our social accounts.


We took to the major players in the game, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram first and established a social media “homebase” if you’ll call it that. …

The relationship between the Catcher and Umpire is vital at every level of the game. These relationships can have a positive effect on the game and strike-zone as well as a negative effect. The line is pretty thin and there are a few unwritten rules to follow that will help you stay on the good side of your umpire and potentially changing the outcome of close calls.

Catchers are one of the only players on the field outside of your manager that can ask the tough questions, that when asked by the pitcher or hitter, can seem a bit insulting.

Cody Box

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