7 Useful Google Chrome Browser Extensions (FREE)

Below are my personal favorite Chrome Extensions. Not the most popular, but some of the most useful extensions.

  • ColorZilla
  • WhatFont
  • Similar Sites
  • Raindrop.io
  • Honey
  • Get RSS Feed URL
  • DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials


ColorZilla is very useful for web designers and/or graphic designers as well as people who just fancy color! It will give you the #Hexcode, RGB percentages or HSL percentages with a couple of clicks.

This extension couldn’t be anymore simple to use. To “launch” the extension, you can either click the icon on your browser bar or create your own keyboard shortcut (mine is Cmd+Opt+Z). My favorite, time-saving, feature is the color picker history action. This allows for quick work between multiple colors.

ColorZilla currently has over 2,000,000 users.


Another extremely useful browser extension for web or graphic designers is WhatFont. Activate the extension by clicking it on your browser bar and then hover over the web page copy and it will show you what font was used.

However, that is only the surface, if you click on a section of copy, it will give you a more in-depth look at the font styles used. See example below:

As seen in the above example, WhatFont will give you the font name, family and weight as well as the style, size, line height and color used in the selected website copy.

WhatFont currently has over 1,000,000 users.

Get RSS Feed URL

One of the most frustrating things to do is to search for a websites RSS Feed address. There are many of these available on the Chrome Web Store, but after trying many different ones, this has proven to be the most effective.

Simply click the icon when you want to grab a websites feed address or just look on your address bar as this extension will display a small notification when you are viewing a website that has a RSS Feed address.

This extension works best with applications such as Feedly, Pocket, Instapaper or any RSS reader.

Get RSS Feed URL currently has over 10,000 users.


Honey is probably the most known web extension on this list. Honey helps you find discounts when you shop online. It really works!

When you are shopping online and add something to your cart, simply go to the checkout screen and watch as Honey automatically tries different discount codes in an effort to save you money!

Honey currently has over 10,000,000 users.

Similar Sites

Similar Sites is an extension I have mixed feelings about. On one hand this extension is great for finding and exploring different websites. I have came across many sites that before I did not know existed.

On the other hand, Similar Sites can be a little off base when it comes to showing you “similar” sites. It seems that the categories can be a little vague and broad. Not to mention the lack of smaller, lesser known websites.

The bottom line, I have spent countless hours just by browsing the sites listed in this extension, and I would rather have it then not!

Similar Sites currently has over 100,000 users.


This web extension is a little more tailored to those who have a bookmark hoarding problem. Raindrop.io is a bookmark application that serves as a place to store your bookmarks rather then cluttering up your bookmarks bar.

The web extension allows you to easily add or view your bookmarks with the click of a button!

Raindrop.io currently has over 100,000 users.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essential

DuckDuckGo’s Privacy extension helps users identify how secure or insecure the website they are visiting is. It does so by giving websites grades based on their security. For example, a secure website may have a grade of A+ while a less secure website might have a B- or a C.

This is useful for those of you who do not use DuckDuckGo’s search engine. Otherwise, the search engine itself provides you with the same data.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essential currently has over 3,000,000 users.

Other great extensions

Grammarly simply helps writers write better. Probably an extension that I should have used when writing this article!

Lightshot makes it extremely easy to create and save screenshots, or screen grabs. This extension is mostly useful for users of WindowsOS.

Bitly can cut down those extremely long, pesky urls into short ones that you can then share on webpages or emails.

Here are several bookmark extensions for the more popular bookmark managers. These extensions cut down the time of adding new article or bookmark entries by doing the work in a click of a button. Pinterest Save Button, Save to Pocket, Save to Google Drive, Feedly Mini.

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